Who are the staff, and what is their role here?

The staff are the people employed by Stack Overflow (Stack Exchange, Inc.) for various purposes. These are paid, not volunteer, positions. While the most visible staff members are often those on our Community Management and Public Platform teams, these are a small subset of the staff who keep this platform running.

How can I identify a staff member?

Staff fall into one of two categories, with different indicators:

  • General staff - these staff members represent the bulk of our employees. They are regular users for the most part. If you see one of them on our meta sites, they will have a staff label on their posts and comments and a staff marker on their meta profile pages.
  • Diamond staff - a small subset of our staff - generally the developers, engineers, and community team members - need special access to moderation tools and content. They are more visible and bear a diamond next to their username, just like our elected site moderators. They have both "Moderator" and "Staff" tags on their profiles.